Rilox Italia’s certifications

Rilox Italia’s certifications



Certificazione ISO 9001

Rilox’s business organization is based on a Quality Management System.

QMS is a collection of well-defined business processes applied in a systemic, planned and documented way. Its main purposes are:

  • To obtain the highest customers satisfaction
  • To operate competitively on the market and improve the business results.
  • To supervise and optimize the business processes. This is also achieved by correcting inefficiencies that cause waste, so that company performance is improved.

Rilox Italia is determined to continuously improve all the aspects of its business.

Starting 2019 our Quality Management System is certified EN ISO 9001:2015 for the field “Development, manufacturing and sale of curtains and blinds for indoor and outdoor” .



Rispetto dell'ambiente

Rilox Italia has obtained the mapping of the LEED®’s credits, thus entering the GREENiTOP® "Green Community”.

Green are all those products that respect the internationally recognized environmental standards. The products marked with the GREENiTOP badge comply with the requirements of the green building international protocols, including LEED, and concur to the collection of the needed credits.

LEED is the most widespread standard for energy and sustainability certification. Several factors must be analysed to obtain this certification, from planning to the building management. For further details about the environmental performance of our products or if you are designing a GREEN building, feel free to contact us!

Rispetto dell'ambiente

OEKO-TEX® is an independent system of control and certification based on international standards, that concerns raw materials, semi-finished and finished products of the textile field, at any level of production, including the accessory materials.

Our fabrics are certified for the Product Class IV: Furniture and decoration materials (curtains, tablecloths, furnishing fabrics, etc).

To find out which fabrics are OEKO-TEX® certified, please refer to the data sheets.

Rispetto dell'ambiente

The GREENGUARD certification guarantees that the products for indoor use respect the chemical emission limit in order to assure healthy environments.

To be GreenGuard certified, fabrics must fulfil strict international standards about the low emission of volatile organic compounds inside the buildings.  

For further details, please refer to the relevant data sheets.




Fire-resistant fabrics only burn when temperature exceeds a certain threshold and/or they burn very slowly, making it difficult for the fire to spread in the environment.  

Moreover, fire-resistant fabrics do not produce toxic smokes during combustion, thus protecting people not only from fire but also from the inhalation of dangerous substances.

Rilox Italia has a wide range of fire-resistant products, please refer to the data sheets for further details.

Protezione batteri e muffe

The products marked with the symbol “Protection from bacteria and microorganisms” have been treated with special solutions that protect the fabric from the proliferation of bacteria or microorganism that can be harmful to humans or to the environment.

For further details about the fabrics and their performances, also in wet environments, please refer to the relevant data sheet or get in contact with us, we will suggest you the most suitable solution for your needs.

Children Security

Everyday the ordinary objects located in a house can be dangerous for our children, especially the cords and chains of curtains and blinds.

To prevent children from getting strangled by the cords/chains of curtains and blinds, we suggest to keep cradles and cribs away from windows that are equipped with curtains and blinds.

Rilox Italia offers a wide range of products that are suitable for a safe use according to the rules of UNI EN 13120 del 2014.



                Certificazione ISO        Certificazione GreenITop



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