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The device Pratico 1665 for aluminium systems guarantees a safe, easy and fast maintenance of the curtains. This up&down system allows to bring the curtains down to the desired height and then to re-hang it at the original height with a very little effort and without ladders.
Pratico 1665 is moreover equipped with a simple cord-tensioning plate that facilitates the coupling of the cord-weight and allows to give the maximum possible tension to the system's cords.


available for the following systems:

  • Euro 2880C
  • Euro 2880B
  • Euro 2880M
  • Free 2820C
  • Free 2820P
  • Medy 2862C
  • Maxy Free 2866C-2866CL
  • Euro Twin 2880CT
  • Euro Twin 2880MT


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